Malinche (malinchita) wrote in book_chat,

Checking In

Hey folks! I finally figured out how to post here.

Ok, I got the book, and I had NO IDEA what it was about beforehand. So I got over a moment of surprise. It's great so far, I am really enjoying it.

So, where is everybody? Got the book? Started reading? I'm at Chapter 5. If anyone else has made some progress and wants to chat about the story so far, we can discuss behind cut tags.

Yay book chat!
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i have yet to be able to get it out of the library.
all their copies are out!
but i am very much looking forward to starting it as soon as i can get my hands on a copy.
Almost41mama has got one for you! See next post.
I do! And, I already have your address, so I'll pop it in the post tomorrow.
i just picked it up and im diving into it tonite!