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I should've done this two weeks ago...

Elphaba brought this up, and we were talking about this a bit earlier. But I want some more input. Why are things left so completely unresolved at the end?

What do you think Snowman did in the moments after the book ends? Why?

Assuming they survive, do you see the Craikers evolving along the same paths as humans? Why or why not?

And what do you think this book as to say about Nature vs. Nurture?

What is the root cause of the apocalypse? Biotechnology? Capitolism? Greed? Human nature in general? Something else?

Who was Oryx? How much of her history, as related through Jimmy/Snowman, do you believe?

The Adam and Eve parallels seem pretty obvious here. But where does Snowman fit in? Is he Abel, the dutiful son, Cain, the murderer, Judas, the betrayer, Moses leading the chosen people out of Egypt, or does the analogy fall apart with him?

Okay, that's a lot. Address some, or few, or none as you see fit.
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