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some thoughts----feedback?

i tend to dive in, so please someone pull me out if need be.
my original thought was a book a month, maybe with a nomination/poll type thing to take place about a week before the new month to decide on the upcoming book and give time for us all to track it down.
is a book a month too much? too little?
how can we go about chatting it up without spoiling it for those who arent to the same spot? my first thought was to use a cut tag with the chapter # or page # as the title, so that anyone that hasnt gotten to that point can steer clear if they want to...and then perhaps a set date towards the end of the month where we kinda rap it up and share general thoughts on the book . but now im thinking, should this be a free flowing continous discussion (going along with the cut idea above), or shoud we wait until everyone has finished the book and then have a set date to chat it up?
any other thoughts? bring em on
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